Label Printer Nemonic (Nemonic Label)[INQ. NO. 2007E03] This printer is available for mobile & PC (Android/Ios/Windows). It can be connected with PCs by using a USB, and printing is possible within 2~3 seconds. And also, it can be connected with smartphones by using Bluetooth, and printing is possible within 5~7 seconds.
No maintenance cost is required compared to cartridge replacement. Easy cartridge replacement method is provided for everyone’s convenience. The exclusive PC and mobile apps made with user-friendly functions are notable features.
This printer is compatible with MS Office, providing a printer driver which enables printing of documents in MS Office. This product provides hundreds of free templates in Nemonic apps and MS Office.
Nemonic Label is a printer selected by Samsung Electronics and now on sale at Samsung Electronics’ official online mall. This product was awarded in the Consumer Electronics Show, Good Design Awards and International Gift Show.
Easy paper cutting with an automatic cutting function is possible. Both multiple paper printing and single printing are possible. Fast printing through the touching of the dispenser button on the printer is also possible. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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