Micro Traveler Kit

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2007E02] LONGTAIL COMPANY recently released its micro traveler kit, which is designed to help travelers effectively manage and carry important but small-sized things that are often lost such as various kinds of memory cards, USB, etc.
The micro traveler kit allows the user to conveniently keep SD cards, micro SD cards and nano SIM cards and supplies such useful functions as USBk memory, SIM pin, mini ball-point pen, mini lamps, etc., thus acting as a highly convenient all-in-one organizer.
The conspicuous appearance of the product – such as efficient and minimal design, attractive anodizing color and finely post-processed aluminum top plate – increases its luxurious attraction considerably. With compact size (56mm*85mm*3.4mm) and light weight (15g), this product boasts exceptional portability due to its actually small size, enough to be fully utilized.
For utilizing this product efficiently, users can keep things like external memory that can be kept in the marked location of the slot and can use things such as ball-point pens SIM pins by moving the lever attached.

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