Air Purifier “Mam”[INQ. NO. 2007E07] As the existing air purifier manufacturers have focused on generating profits through selling their products, customers have until now been using the exclusive filters, having no option of selecting other better filters despite the growing prices of filters.
Accordingly, customers could not obtain air filters in a time when the exclusive filters that they commonly used were discontinued.
However, AIWANATECH Co., Ltd. has now released an air purifier called Mam, which allows compatible use between the existing filter and the newer filter – in order to resolve such a structural issue and thus to give customers more benefits.
This air purifier enables the automotive air-conditioner filters – which are manufactured by global top auto parts makers such as 3M, BOSCH, Hyundai Mobis, etc. and sold in price competition with at least ten years of quality guarantee – to be compatibly used, and thus differentiates itself from the existing air purifiers which only used the exclusive filters that are characterized by high prices.
The automotive Mam filters have up to ten times lower prices than the exclusive filters due to the quality and price competition among numerous global manufacturers and distributors. The automotive filters are being distributed for at least ten years after the car purchasing contract is made. The automotive filters can be easily purchased not only via all online shopping malls, but also in off-line car centers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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