Smart Electronic Thermometer Disposable Patch-Type Thermosafer (XST400)[INQ. NO. 2007E13] ChoisTechnology’s Thermosafer, a wireless thermometer that is compatible with smartphones with the Bluetooth function, is capturing attention among global potential buyers again- in a situation where the COVID 19 is still spreading globally with keen attention to respiratory diseases and identification of fever symptoms.
Thermosafer is a wireless thermometer that can monitor the status of body temperature on a real-time basis through Bluetooth-connection with smartphones. Through this exclusive application, Thermosafer enables the user to set the high-temperature & low-temperature alarm and to confirm the dosing time and the graph of body temperature change.
ChoisTechnology’s XST400, a newly released disposable patch-type wireless thermometer, comes in two models depending on the period of using time – a model having three days of using time and a model that can be used for two weeks of COVID 19’s incubation period.
As XST400 is designed as a silicon patch type – a product that provides a low-stimulus to the skin, users can conveniently attach it to certain parts of their bodies and of their babies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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