Power Supply Devices

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2008E17] Founded in 2015, XPOwer Co., Ltd., as a specialized supplier of power supply devices, has been largely manufacturing power supplies for LED lighting, rectifiers for communication equipment, and chargers.
XPOwer seeks ways to be a top-supplier of power supply devices – based upon its approach of prioritizing reliable management, quality-first, and customer-first.

Variable Charger
This variable charger is compatible with the charging variables of different types of batteries. It is usable within certain ranges (from 20~100V, 0~100A). This product allows excellent compatibility in charging of various batteries installed in the existing or new AGVs.

Constant Current Converter for LED Lightings
XPOwer produces more than 50,000 high-efficiency constant current converters (10W~300W) for LED street lights, and security lights – on a yearly basis.

XPOwer has independently developed and is producing rectifiers for mobile communication base stations.

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