Coastal Detection System[INQ. NO. 2009E01] The Coastal Detection System (CDS) from Keumsung Security Co., Ltd. can improve current military and governmental CCTV monitoring systems by applying marine radar to coastal alert systems.
Military coastal detection systems in use are operated by TOD monitors 24 hours per day. FOV (the angle of view) is narrower than the area in need of detection. So, monitors need to move the camera in a Z shape. It depends on monitors to judge whether it is an intruder or not.
CDS can detect wide range to use a sea route radar system. Keumsung automatized its detection system to develop an all-in-one radar combined control system for land environments. It is new detection system to maximize detection range. This system can search correct coordinates both night and day.
Keumsung Security’s CDS works 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to ensure the utmost coastal safety. It features high-tech radar and thermo-graphic cameras, detecting vessels and motions that are invisible to the naked eye at night. Moreover, through a simple operation in a situation room an alarm can be given, and one can operate this smart system remotely via smartphone.
CDS detects vessels and recognizes objects (up to H700mm x W1,500mm x D1,000mm) within five kilometers from the coast. This measure the distance of a detected object, and its coordinates.
It sets two detection zones and sounds an alarm automatically if something trespasses on the detection zone. This displays movement routes of all detected objects.
If you select a trespassing object, the detection system can recognize it automatically and track it.
This system is easy to install and move on account of its all-in-one system.
If something trespasses into a protected zone, the system can sound the alarm automatically without a detection agent. It can even detect something in bad weather conditions, such as sea fog.
This system extends the detection range and improves accuracy (the maximum area is 8 km, and the optimum area is 3km). It is a multi-operation system on account of the TCP/IP communication. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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