High-Frequency Electronic Moxibustion

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2009E06] The DdeumDr. product is a high-frequency, deep heat generating centralized heater. It is electronic moxibustion that is convenient to use regardless of time and place by applying a portable, rechargeable, three-way exchange type, and belt wearing method.
If there is a problem with your health in your daily life, you will need to visit a hospital, but for various reasons, you may not be able to go to the hospital immediately. This often worsens a mild illness, so DdeumDr can be used conveniently at home, at work, and during activities. It has been developed as an ultra-compact, high-function high-frequency intensive warmer that can be used conveniently and immediately when it is difficult to visit the hospital due to time constraints, or as needed.
The core of the thermal health device is the depth of heat transfer, and DdeumDr. is a non-invasive, world-leading, high-frequency deep heat generation method that generates heat in the skin, rather than by a cotton heating method. Not only does it do this, but it is also a product that is safe for burns.
DdeumDr. is the world’s first multi-functional high-frequency electronic moxibustion device that includes intensive thermal therapy for each part of the body, pain therapy for muscles and joints, skin beauty function for facial massage, and body immunity enhancement function through abdominal thermal therapy.
There are two types of DdeumDr.: hospital (SLM-7002); and household (SLM-7000). Hospital models are used in hospitals with national medical insurance premium listed, and the effectiveness and safety are verified by professional doctors. In addition to exports, it is sold on the general market through online and offline channels.
Household (SLM-7000, combined for business) is a product developed specifically for self-health management, and is a highly cost-effective product used by both men and women.

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