Portable Jumpstarter

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2009E10] Enercamp is a smart energy startup established in 2017. Based on IoT, AI, and ESS charging technologies and expertise, Enercamp has developed smart ESS and Jumpstarter.
Enercamp’s Jump & Go brand comes with jump starters that can instantly start a car with a depleted battery by generating a powerful electrical current.
Currently, Enercamp has a business presence in Korea, the United States (San Francisco), and China (Shenzhen).

Revive your dead car battery within just 15 seconds!
Following Jump & Go J20C with 2,047 units sold out in one day through Amazon US, ENERCAMP is now launching a new upgraded model, J20C Plus. The discharge of batteries can happen suddenly due to cold winter weather, long-term neglect of cars, and excessive use of electricity.
The J20C Plus, which can be used for all 12-V batteries, can easily save a discharged car within 15 seconds just by connecting it to the car. Anyone can use J20C Plus easily and quickly in an emergency.
The J20C Plus boasts a larger battery capacity (24,000mAh) than the previous model, and it is easier to use with a fixable handle. It can also be used not only in daily life, but also for camping/outdoor activities. The USB-C, USB-A, and 12A cigar jack sockets allow you to charge a variety of products simultaneously.
Furthermore, PD (QC) charging functions, which is a technique that supplies power about three-times faster than a general charger, enables one to quickly charge large capacity. In addition, spark-protection and reverse polarity protection technology are designed for safety in electricity use.
In addition, purchasing demand will be further increased due to the LED lighting function used in SOS, night work, and campsites.
It is easy to carry using the fixed handle and it looks like a small power bank, yet it is not only a power bank function but also a product that helps in various situations with the function of a jump starter during battery discharge (emergency), and its various utility functions can be used anywhere and anytime.

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