CORE-MEDIUM System (Specimen collection tool) + CORE-MEDIUM (Universal/Viral Transport Medium)

[INQ. NO. 2009E13] This is a clean, safe collection kit made in South Korea. The CORE-MEDIUM System consists of a specimen collecting swab(s) and a tube that contains viral transport media (UTM/VTM). The product is designed to collect specimens safely and ensure accurate detection of disease.
INCORE believes the accuracy of the detection test can enhance the quarantine effort of all members of society. Therefore, the company has focused on the quality of each component of the CORE-MEDIUM system. Also, it is collaborating with detection kit manufacturers to constantly check and improve quality.
The company’s products are made in a controlled environment with KFDA, KGMP, CE, and FDA compliance.
Furthermore, experienced workers produce the products safely in our cleanroom class 100.

CORE-MEDIUM is designed to safely transport specimens to laboratories and increase the accuracy of the detection tests. This is permitted by KFDA, registered with the FDA, and holds CE DoC certifications.

CORE-SWAB is made of thin plastic which prevents contamination of the specimen and its design minimizes discomfort during the collection.
This is permitted ermitted by KFDA, Registered with the FDA, Holding CE DoC certification.

INCORE Co., Ltd. is a medical consumables manufacturer with top-notch technology, distributing its products worldwide.
Fully aware that in the 21st century high-quality products at competitive prices satisfy consumers’ demands, INCORE is contributing to society with its talented human resources and swift market reaction.
With its mission of customer satisfaction, INCORE strives always to meet the delivery dates and demand for high product quality with stringent management over its associates and a sophisticated management system. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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