Vina Pulse Capacitor(VPC) Fuel Cell Materials[INQ. NO. 2009E19] VINATech Co., Ltd. has recently launched a new family of 3.8 volt cost-effective, hybrid super capacitors, with ultra-low leakage current.
The VPC series, an environmentally friendly hybrid lithium capacitor family, has been developed to reduce costs and improve efficiency. They offer lower leakage current and improved ESR with longer life, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents than the batteries of similar sizes.
VINATech developed the original technology involving Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) through independent research projects in 2002. Subsequent development includes different carbon solutions including activating carbons, controlling the shape, composite and metal impregnated activation.
VINATech has developed and produced in-house its carbon support, catalyst and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) featuringexcellent corrosion-resistant characteristics. VINATech has improved the fuel cell’s lifecycle by using crystalline carbon as a catalyst support. Carbon support technology is based on its patent.
Its MEA is using for various application and industry such as automotive, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), and Combined Heat Power (CHP ) for Low Temperature Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (LT-PEMFC ) and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC).

VINATech was formed in 1999 with a view to developing and specializing in environmentally friendly energy storage technology, and especially EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) supercapacitors. Its mass production started in 2003. In 2011 the company moved its headquarters to Jeonju city to support growing demand for VINATech’s hy-cap products.
Very soon after the HQ move too Jeonju, VINATech received presidential awards for innovation and continued to expand its R&D team, and further improved production capability and material development. Development is now focused on replacement technology for batteries.
It already has over 180 patents for material development in place, with more in the pipeline.
VINATech now employs 175 staffs in Korea, of which one-third are involved in R&D. The firm’s production capacity is the highest amongst the growing number of supercapacitor manufacturers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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