Electric Underfl oor Heating System


[INQ. NO. 2010E04] It has now become common practice for Korea’s excellent cultural products such as K-pop, K-culture, etc., to gain popularity in foreign countries. Traditional underfloor heating, known as “ondol” in Korean, is also a very excellent and practical cultural product. Nanoheat carbon heating mat produced by our company is one of the most Korean and most efficient electric underfloor heating systems.

Nanoheat carbon heating mat is 81.5cm in length and 10cm in space in-between, and 5cm in thickness, and 44g in the weight of the heating element, making the weight of one box (capable of installing 50m2) 22kg, which is lighter than other products. Its product has many advantages with a system of the heating element composed of a carbon mixture of polymer nanoparticles, which is installed in the floor.

Its thermal efficiency is better than that of the existing electric floor-heating products, saving more than 20 ~ 30% of electricity consumption.
As it is heated by far infrared rays generated from the carbon mixture and radiant heat of the floor, it has excellent heating efficiency so that it can heat not only the floor but also the entire space.
Since the heating element is an integral injection structure, this product is the highly safe against water and moisture (acquired IP68), thereby having no risk of fire.
As the heating element of this product is a roll-shape of serial and parallel type, both the construction (Its installation method is similar to that of heating cable.) and the maintenance are simple.
Installed in the floor, this product has a semi-permanent lifespan (10-year warranty period).

This product can be used both in the areas requiring heating in the house such as bathrooms, kitchen, nurseries etc., and in all areas that need heating such as swimming pools, parking lots, and the outside of buildings.
As the method to install or use it is similar to that of heating cable, it can be easily reinstalled in places of poor efficiency or failure.
By adapting a new carbon material, Korean Ondol heating has been produced as a new-concept product by Dongkwang Nano Tech, which is producing heating products made of new material. Nanoheat carbon heating mat is a new beginning for electric underfloor heating.

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