Plasma Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2010E01] Established in 1992, Daihan Labtech Co., Ltd. has been designing, developing, and manufacturing laboratory and biomedical equipment and continuously advancing toward becoming a leading manufacturer.
With accumulated technology and know-how developed over many years, Daihan Labtech is committed to providing its customers with excellent quality and service, while becoming a widely trusted and growing corporation.
Daihan Labtech currently manufactures three brands of sterilizer – LABTECH, BIOMEDIC and ESSTELL.
Daihan Labtech manufactures a wide range of laboratory and industrial/semiconductor equipment based on continuous product and technology development with IQ/OQ validation for added value in your labs.
BIOMEDIC offers a various range of equipment that can be used in hospitals, clinics, labs, and so on for disinfection, storage, analytical, and research purposes.

ESSTELL provides stainless steel laboratory equipment for durability and hygiene in the labs. The company uses stainless steel for both the inner chamber and the outer cases of our equipment.
Daihan Labtech is proud to introduce its latest development, a low-temperature H2O2 plasma sterilizer. The company’s low temperature H2O2 plasma sterilizer is certified by the National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information and is suitable for sterilization of medical instruments that are weak at high temperature, steam, and pressure such as expensive surgical endoscopes, catheters, and electric surgical instruments with motor.
The shortest cycle is quick mode and it operates for 30 min, thus ensuring cost-saving. This can increase the number of uses per day as well as enabling users to use medical equipment immediately after sterilization. This reduces the user’s inventory costs and maintenance.
Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, the sterilizer ultimately leaves H2O and O2 only after sterilization, which are harmless to users and the environment.
It does not require additional drainage or ventilation systems, thus giving benefits of easy installation. It only requires electrical supply, which is easy and convenient. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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