Horticulture Smart Farm Crop Activity Analysis Solution Software&Smartphone Application Service


[INQ. NO. 2010E06] MaaS UI 1.0, designed by MaaSFarm Co., Ltd., is a cloud platform to diagnose/predict growth and environment information of the protected horticulture smart farms, and a monitoring and analysis solution for integrated data of environment, growth, and marketing.
For the primary service, it offers automatic analysis for the data standard monitoring application solution that collects-stores-processes the environment-growth data collected by the fruit and vegetable crop ICT collector package (wireless lte, router and sensor integrated gateway) to be applied to the protected fruit horticulture of the smart greenhouse.

For the secondary service, it forecasts and analyzes by utilizing the AI deep-learning and the cultivation logic controller technology and provides quality harvest through the crop standard service solution that controls its driver.

Provided are the collector converting controller by crop/farmer; the harvest prediction controller for the optimum yield through cultivation logic/predictive analytic controller; the predictive controller for stabilized demand and supply with distribution price calculation; the weather forecast controller by season; the controller for standard size of bacteria and for optimization of sugar content; and the UI controller evaluating abnormal growth.

Each collector and its agent are collected/converted to a platform according to each deployment of a collector set by location in a farm. Then, on the platform of the data flow where the stored and processed data are visualized, the above application platform UI shall be provided between the farm and the farmer as a one-stop solution between a protected horticulture and a smartphone. It can be used for building a database consolidating a structural format based on crop growth, environment, and watering data, distribution price, and other integrated outside information.
Furthermore, it can provide monitoring information on the control panel and crop environment in addition to price information after controlling the driver and creating information on harvest forecast, while offering option for manual or automatic control to open/close windows upon monitoring temperature/humidity of the greenhouse.

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