Deep Learning-based Foreign Object Inspection System

[INQ. NO. 2010E11] Beyond X-Ray is a foreign object inspection system based on Deep Learning. By automatically analyzing X-Ray images, the product shows the user results of foreign objects. Any of the X-Ray product types can be linked with Beyond X-Ray. If X-Ray inspection equipment is being used, Beyond X-Ray will help you to significantly improve inspection performance at low cost.
Unlike the foreign object inspection system used by the existing X-Ray equipment, the product is able to analyze various types of foreign objects regardless of forms and sizes as it continues to examine foreign objects. By using the learning algorithm, the device is able to sort out foreign objects from components included in it.

Through customized learning of foreign objects, it is also possible to inspect selected foreign objects. For instance, when analyzing various types of bones in food items that are hard to be detected through X-Ray, the product is able to identify food items including bone chips.
The product can be used in such fields as sewing factories, food, medicine, and others, all of which have to go through X-Ray inspection. If the image of X-Ray for each of the products is provided, the company can support the development of necessary inspection algorithms. The developed algorithms continue to be updated by the company.

It is also able to manage inspection images and history and provide online statistical reports to the user. It can be connected with in-house systems including MES. When used in automatic lines, it can be linked with an automatic sorter to automatically sort out all products containing foreign objects. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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