Standalone Passport & ID Scanner

[INQ. NO. 2010E13] Wisecube, a leading manufacturer of special purpose scanner in South Korea, has launched a brand new standalone passport scanner, WiseScan430, which is a passport scanner integrated with an Android tablet for applications that need network connectivity and graphic user interface.
The most outstanding feature of WiseScan430 is that it does not need to be connected to output equipment like PC or monitor. In other words, it frees end-users from complicated driver installations.
In addition to this, WiseScan430 provides intuitive user experience based on Android UI, which is one of the world’s familiar interfaces.

Moreover, WiseScan430 is capable of saving scanned images and information in external storage as well as on internal storage due to 1GB RAM and 16GB flash on the tablet. WiseScan430 scans images up to 600 dpi. With the high-resolution images, anti-hologram reflection images and built-in reliable OCR engine, WiseScan430 provides consistently high OCR reading rate. WiseScan430 comes with a power adapter, SDK and the hardware in a package.
WiseScan430 is applicable at airports, accommodation places, malls, travel agencies, duty free stores, hospitals, casinos, local businesses, nursing homes and many other places requiring access controls, age verification, passport image storing and network scanning.

Besides WiseScan430, Wisecube manufactures other passport scanners, ID scanners and cheque scanners for desktop and kiosk installation. Wisecube has supplied more than 140K professional scanners worldwide in countries such as Bangladesh, Canada, China, Japan, and the United States for ID authentication, access control and paperless work processes.
The most competitive advantage of Wisecube is flexibility.
Wisecube is capable of manufacturing scanners, yet also developing new products according to clients’ needs. Wisecube has supplied scanners to public and private clients, and to domestic and international companies in the world.
With its accumulated experience and information, Wisecube can turn your ideas and needs into reality. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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