Global Medical & Dental X-ray System

[INQ. NO. 2011E01] GENORAY has continued to develop its core X-ray technology while enhancing its manufacturing capabilities since its founding in 2001.
Building on these assets, Genoray has established itself as a domestic market leader in c-arm and mammography markets in South Korea. More and more of the manufacturing process has been assimilated internally into investments in R&D and facility improvements.
Since then, Genoray has entered the dental business based on its accumulated technical capabilities, and developed a one-stop business model ranging from R&D, to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and service. Based on these, Genoray has a complete lineup of medical & dental x-ray systems, including panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT, portable X-ray, intraoral sensor, and Genoray’s own software.

Internalization of Core Technology
First of all, Genoray has developed ergonomic design focused on user convenience and optimal image quality with stable and durable mechanical expertise.
Secondly, Genoray has achieved in-house development of flat panel detectors and manufacturing technology of X-ray generators.
Thirdly, Genoray has developed 3D image processing with correction algorithm as well as dedicated software.
Lastly, Genoray has a deep understanding of the medical environment, with more than 20 years of experience in the medical & dental field-specific convergence R&D systems.

Leading the Trends for the Next Generation of Diagnostic Imaging Technology
Exporting to 70 different countries, including the United States and Russia, Genoray is growing into a global leader in the X-ray industry. Three overseas subsidiaries (Germany, Japan, USA) and over 140 partners worldwide are responding quickly to customer requirements with services specialized in the local area. Furthermore, Genoray has been globally recognized for excellence in design as well as technology by red dot and good design awards.
Genoray will go above and beyond to develop technological innovations for the privilege to serve communities in all parts of the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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