IoT-base Wearable Device SALTED Smart Insole

Analyzing of the date of the swing balance and the body weight movement by utilizing of sole pressure sensor

[INQ. NO. 2011E17] SALTED Smart Insole is an IoT-based wearable device that analyzes the balance of body type.
With the mobile application provided together with the SALTED Smart Insole, the customers can acquire sole pressure data, analyze the body type balance information on a real-time basis and apply the insight acquired from the analysis to various sports, including golf, Pilates, running, weight lifting, etc.
SALTED has the following applications: SALTED Golf which provides a balance solution for the golfers; SALTED Balance which analyzes the body types of fitness center members; and SALTED Training which provides the correct exercise coaching solution.

SALTED Golf provides a tool that can analyze the trajectory of a golf ball by linking the balance data and visual image. SALTED compares and analyzes its data acquired from professional golfers to give feedback on how to improve the consumer’s swing and helps the consumer perfect his or her swing.
SALTED Balance provides a comprehensive balance analysis to the subscribers by checking their walking patterns, and shares the relative data to provide an exercise solution that can be practiced anytime, anywhere. The training application provides the values of the left/right balance, and the total balance for various exercise poses.

SALTED Smart Insole’s noticeable features include self-correction of posture and swing orbit, screen for systematic swing analysis, ability to use it just to fit the size of your feet, measurement with sophisticated pressure sensors, easy connection of Bluetooth with App, real-time feedback and data transmission, simple magnetic charging, and IP68 basic waterproofing that is easy to manage.
SALTED aims to professionally measure and record the body balance based on pressure distribution in the sole and apply it to all activities for exercise and health.
SALTED will continue to provide digital health care solutions so that people can naturally maintain their ‘balance’ in their daily lives through a wearable device and a mobile app service based on IoT technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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