Portable Body Composition Analyzer


Fitrus Plus & Fitrus T
[INQ. NO. 2011E19] Fitrus Plus is a portable body composition analyzer that utilizes bioelectrical impedance analysis.
Anyone is able to measure his/her body composition by holding four contact electrodes with both thumbs and forefingers as it automatically connects with the Fitrus app through Bluetooth (BLE 4.2).
The items that can be measured include body composition, heart rate, stress level, activity level, and temperature (objects and skin). Measured data are recorded by the app.
The measured data is stored in a cloud-based platform server so that such analyzed data and experts’ feedback can be checked through the app, through which somatotype-based personal and customized body type analysis service can be checked.
In addition, through the dietary input function, a user is able to calculate calories and get information on recommended diets.

In addition, Fitrus T comprising Fitrus Plus, tablet PC, stand, and software is a B2B group health management platform solution. A manager or a master is able to conveniently take care of group health with Fitrus T.
A manager or a master can check his/her members’ body data and suggest health management missions. And members can make friends among them and challenge each other regarding step counts and exchange diet information.

As it provides real-time health rankings, those involved are able to take care of their health as if they are playing fun games.
ONESOFTDIGM is a digital healthcare company that utilizes body composition measurement technology. ONESOFTDIGM is carrying out R&D to become a digital therapeutics company that helps prevent obesity and chronic diseases.

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