Single-feed Cheque Scanner

[INQ. NO. 2011E12] Wisecube, a special purpose scanner manufacturer, launched a single-feed cheque scanner, WiseScan120. It scans one object at a time with speed at 125mm/sec under 200dpi color setting.
It comes with all necessary functions multi-feed cheque scanners have at a more affordable price. That is why it is the perfect cheque scanner for businesses handling low quantity cheques on a daily basis yet still in needs of security checks with MICR and UV.
WiseScan120 provides three scanning modes: 24 bit color, gray scale, and B/W. UV light mode is an option to enhance security to prevent fraud cheque transactions. The built-in MICR reader recognizes E13B and CMC7 on cheques and other securities.

Clamshell housing makes WiseScan120 in an easy maintenance shape. Due to the document guide on the inlet side, WiseScan120 is capable of scanning various sizes of cheques: 54~104mm of heights and 80~235mm of length. The guide also helps alignment of a subject to increase the MICR recognition rate.
Wisecube’s cheque scanners are installed at post offices, banks, other financial institutions, insurance companies, casinos and other local businesses to digitalize paper works in a more accurate and efficient way.
Besides the WiseScan120, the company also manufactures other passport scanners, ID scanners and cheque scanners for desktop and kiosk installation.
Wisecube, as a scanner manufacturer, has installed more than 140K professional scanners worldwide, in countries such as Bangladesh, Canada, China, Japan and United States for ID authentication, access control and paperless work processes.
The most competitive advantage of Wisecube is flexibility. Wisecube is capable of manufacturing scanners, yet also develops new products according to clients’ needs.
Wisecube has supplied scanners to public and private sectors, and domestic and international companies around the world. With the experience and information accumulated over the years, Wisecube can turn your ideas into reality. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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