Eco-friendly Educational Material

For IoT & Big Data Education

Smart EduFarm

[INQ. NO. 2012E07] Smart EduFarm of REPUTER CO., LTD., a company that proposes new education, is an educational material that students can use to learn about IoT and data science in the classrooms based on an eco-friendly theme of agriculture.
Smart EduFarm makes IoT and big data education more eco-friendly and easier. Meet the next generation of education in the classroom! Students can create their own farms in their classrooms using Smart EduFarm.
The students can plant and grow plants using a ventilation fan, automatic water pump and light optimized to the growth of the plant’s growth offered by Smart EduFarm. Smart EduFarm not only provides next-generation education, but also presents them with nature in their daily lives.

Using Famio, the e-learning platform provided when purchasing Smart EduFarm, the students can monitor the data collected on a real-time basis through the sensors of Smart EduFarm and control Smart EduFarm remotely.
With Famio, the teachers can create their curriculums, use the curriculums for their classes, chat with the students, manage the students, give an online quiz and create reports using the data. The students and the teachers can experence nature and technology in their classrooms with Smart EduFarm.
REPUTER has been leading the network business by witnessing the first steps of some 150 institutions that had no networks built among them. Also, the company started to manufacture desktop PCs by itself for the first time in the Honam region.
REPUTER mixes its manufacturing and network experience to take the lead in introducing IoT and big data to people’s daily lives for more convenient and easier use.
REPUTER researches, develops and provides the next generation agro-bio technologies and IoT solutions by combining its know-how accumulated while manufacturing desktop PCs and computer monitors and experience accumulated while carrying out the network business. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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