Alcohol Breathalyzer

[INQ. NO. 2012E08] Sentech Korea Corp. is one of the leading companies in the world market for alcohol breathalyzers, and one of the few companies that can develop and produce its own products including the sensor.
Since the establishment of the company in 1998, it has developed and produced various sensors, including air contamination and hazardous gas detection, based on unique technology for sensors.
In particular, the breathalyzer with special sensors for alcohol, provides excellent durability, convenience, precision as well as design. It has thus acquired international certifications such as CE, EN, DOT, and FDA, firmly making its mark as the No. 1 breathalyzer product in the world.
Currently, it is mainly engaged in the business of breathalyzers to reach “zero” drunk driving accidents with the world, and it is being exported to over 45 countries.

The company’s main products, and especially, ALP-1 or iBlow10 are used to crack down on drunk drivers by the Korean and overseas police forces.
ALP-1 can save the data 500 test result and expand its memory capacity as adding the SD card.
The results can be printed via a wired or wireless printer. Also, ALP-1 has approved EN15964, DOT (EBT-Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester), CE Red and IP54.
iBlow10 with the advanced new fuel cell sensor (Suracell™) technology can measure 12 people per minute and the results are displayed in numbers accurately without using a mouthpiece. The blow cap is easily replaced for hygienic use, and the built-in magnets make it attachable to vehicles when police conduct roadside tests, preventing damage to the equipment.

iBlow10 can showing the displaying battery level, reminder for calibration & grace period. The LED lighting can also be used in various ways at night.
AL8800BT can be connectable with iSOBER smartphone app. via Bluetooth BLE function, so it is possible to manage data and share by SMS, SNS and e-mail.
Furthermore, it is usable without connecting with a smartphone as the “Standalone” mode is handy and useful for personal checking.
The enhanced quality check function “Self-Diagnosis System (SDS)” on an app verifies the quality of the breathalyzer’s sensor, and ensures accurate and reliable test results. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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