Vehicle-mounted LED Tower Light System

[INQ. NO. 2012E09] The vehicle-mounted LED tower light system manufactured by ASTRONIX LS Co., Ltd. consists of a highly intensive and integrated waterproof, explosion-proof and bulletproof LED light system.
Inside the special vehicle is a hydraulic lift that can lift an object to 15 meters in height, and a hydraulic turntable system that can turn the LED lighting system 360° to the left and right.
In particular, the wirelessly remote-controlled light system can emit a high-powered LED light in places where there is no power supply, using the electricity generated by the generator installed inside the vehicle.

The vehicle-mounted LED tower light system also features a function that adopted IoT technology where the infra-red and ordinary cameras installed on the surface of the LED light frame take a real-time video of the accident site or a special location and transmit the video wirelessly.
The vehicle-mounted LED tower light system can be used at a site of disasters that require an urgent response (earthquake, fire, vehicle accident, etc.), and for various other purposes (construction of military camps, TV/movie shooting locations, festivals, etc.).
In particular, ASTRONIX LS is supplying its products as global public procurement products by acquiring the National Disaster Safety Product Certificate from the Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
ASTRONIX LS participated in the 2020 Indonesia-Korea SMEs Technology Matching Conference (which was held on the November 17-18 in Jakarta, Indonesia) with other prominent Korean companies and achieved noticeable export marketing results. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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