Smart Digital Frame


[INQ. NO. 2012E14] BLUECANVAS is a smart photo frame that allows you to enjoy various contents such as personal photos and videos through mobile apps and wireless networks.
It is a new concept of Android board embedded type device that does not require a set-top box or wired cable. In the case of the 26.5-inch premium blue canvas, it is easy to install with a light weight of 3.2 kg and a slim display of 1.38 cm thickness, and it can be hung on the wall like a picture frame.
People can control the BLUECANVAS anywhere in the world by connecting a power supply and a wireless network, and by applying an anti-glare treatment to the highest specification display, the realism and immersion of the content is maximized.

In particular, it is possible to freely upload personal contents through the dedicated BLUECANVAS app, as well as to easily enjoy various artworks provided by the BLUECANVAS platform through paid/free services.
The artworks of new Korean artists and the masterpiece of overseas famous artists can be accessed through the BLUECANVAS application. It also holds a patent for digital works in order to protect the copyrights of various artworks.
BLUECANVAS can also be used as digital signage. Unlike existing signage products that require continuous maintenance because of customized individual solutions, users can easily operate standardized solutions, so they are useful in small stores. With these various uses, it is expanding its relationship with B2B distribution channels.

“Containing emotion in technology” This is the new slogan of BLUECANVAS. BLUECANVAS’ technology and content services can deliver human emotions.
BLUECANVAS will connect people suffering from the limitations of movement and space in the COVID-19 era, and will lead a new cultural trend of viewing artworks through canvas rather than art museums. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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