Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

For Promotion of Korea’s Smart Home Products

The cyber permanent exhibition hall, which introduces the smart home solutions and smart home appliances of Korea’s small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), was officially opened Feb. 17, 2021.
Smart home& smart home appliances industries are pioneering the overseas export markets that were becoming increasingly tougher due to the lasting effects of COVID-19 – through utilizing a cyber exhibition hall online. The cyber exhibition hall, constructed with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Enhergy (MOTIE), is designed for domestic enterprises that are experiencing difficulties both in participation in overseas exhibitions, and exporting.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall, equipped with 3D VR, is expected to be an exhibition that surpasses the limitations of the existing online version of exhibition – through a series of competitive services such as hosting of video consultations, real-time buyer consultation programs, and overseas buyer matchings.
The smart home/appliances cyber permanent exhibition hall supplements the limitations of the existing offline-based exhibitions, which are held during a comparatively short period of days.

For Promotion of Korea’s Smart Home Products

Through interlocking with buyKorea, an online export support platform supported by MOTIE, the cyber exhibition hall effectively supports electronic payment, and product orders as well. In addition, buyKorea provides a so-called integrated-type support platform for online export marketing – as an exclusive e-market place for the overseas export support for Korea’s SMEs – through some roles such as export product registrations, discovering dealerships, and delivery support.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

The premium cyber permanent exhibition hall comprises a total of seven fields – home IoT, smart appliances, smart interiors & furniture home control, home security, energy management, and home security. Moreover, it, based on 3D VR, displayed the nation’s various types of smart-related products in high-resolution.
Moreover, the service experience hall, through seven services scenarios, is anticipated to be an exhibition that boosts the sale of the nation’s products through online.
The greatest feature of the cyber exhibition hall is that it provides detailed descriptions of the products through applications of both 3D images and VR technology. The existing online exhibition frequently failed to enable the consultancy to consequently grow into the purchasing of Korean products – considering that the difficulty in making the detailed confirmation of the targeted products caused by the limitations in both time and space. This cyber permanent exhibition hall was made into a system in which potential buyers can confirm the targeted products while rotating them with 360-degree function, and it is being interlocked in both PCs and mobile devices. It provides a web-chatting function between Korean companies and overseas potential buyers, along with display of the detailed data introducing the products.

Opening a 3D VR Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall

Potential buyers can confirm the actual locations and functions of the related products in the service experience hall. The experience hall consists of five categories – bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and garden – and buyers can easily confirm each product at a glance while looking around each home.
Presently, a total of 53 enterprises are participating in this cyber exhibition hall – with their top-quality products including doorway reading detectors, face recognition smart home door phones, air purification sterilizers, and smart beds.

The smart home cyber exhibition hall – officially supported by both MOTIE and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and operated by the Korea Association of Smart Home (KASH) – is expected to be developed into a B2B portal site bridging K-smart home products and global buyers.
Anyone who is using a PC or mobile device can visit this cyber exhibition hall, which is supposed to be operated all-year-round.

Outline of the Cyber Permanent Exhibition Hall
Period: To be continued from Feb. 17, 2021
Exhibition Place: Online Cyber Place
Major Exhibits: Smart Home Items (Home IoT, Home Appliances, Lightings/Furnitures/Interiors, Controls, Securities, Energy)

  The Features of K-Smarthome Virtual Exhibition

  • Supporting realtime-based business consultation through supplying functions of video conference and chatting – in order to supply smooth business consultation between sellers and buyers
  • Directly dispatching inquiries from potential buyers to a certain company’s person in charge of specific products – when receiving inquiries on certain products
  • Possible of sample buying and shipment by being interlocked with buyKorea buyKorea is an exclusive e-marketplace for overseas export support for Korea’s SMEs
    And it is an online one-stop process that supplies the functions necessary in the overall export fields of
    Korea’s exporters – matching service supply, transaction (from the beginning to completion)
  • Available regardless of restrictions in both time and place through being realized in English in both PC and mobile device versions
  • Supplying 3D VR service through which potential buyers can see the related product list while they are moving by themselves in offline space shaped similar to overseas housing environments | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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