Gait Analysis Treadmill

[INQ. NO. 2103E18] GHiWell Co., Ltd. recently unveiled its gait analysis treadmill, model GHT-2200, which has various different, effective functions, suggesting best solutions for a user’s specific requirements.
GHT-2200 is designed to support the user’s dynamic gait analysis. This equipment gives users the best solutions based on the results of analysis. All of the user’s data is obtained from the pressure sensor plate.
GHT-2200 could be manufactured thanks to more than 10 years experience in accumulating the related technologies. This model is equipped with high-tech pressure sensors for dynamic gait analysis. It has a size of 1,180 x 640mm, and 6,144 cells of FSR sensors with accuracy and durability.

Gait Analysis Treadmill

It shows remarkable rehabilitation treadmill speed – from 0.1Km/h up to 16Km/h. With the supported treadmill safety bar (Walnut), safety is guaranteed. Users can improve their gait, and enjoy the benefits of exercise effects by using this attractive rehabilitation treadmill.
Motion analysis is possible thanks to an embedded camera system. Gait butterfly analysis through gait COP data is also possible. This gait exercise and training system is highly recommendable for relevant users requiring gait analysis and rehabilitation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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