Emergency Cart


[INQ. NO. 2104E02] This product (model: KR-EC5221) is designed for emergency patient management in hospitals. It can manage the entire drawer lock with a variety of multi-storage boxes and one locking device, and the ABS basket with divider is removable from the drawer for easy storage and movement.
Equipped with an IV folder and 220V power holder, it is made with materials of ABS, stainless steel, aluminum, and PU, and weighs around 54kg.

Emergency Stretcher
This emergency stretcher is made of ultra-lightweight material with a center wheel. It can be quickly lifted at the foot end into the Trendelenburg position in an emergency. The total length is 2,110mm. The total width is 760mm. The total height is 930 to 1,260mm. The mattress is 660×1,910x80mm. The safe working load is 250kg.

Emergency Cart

Movable Patient Transport Trolley
This product (model: YHS-203C) is a movable patient transport trolley.
Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder from the Netherlands, this product can adjust the height, upper and lower body as well as handle the four casters at a time with one foot button installed at the bottom.
As three ways can be simply handled with central lock (stop), neutral (capable of moving in every direction), and fixing caster axle forward straight (capable of moving straight only), this product is a patient transport trolley that can be used to respond rapidly even in an emergency.
The allowable load for this product is 150kg. The back-rest length is 640mm.

Emergency Cart

Kareroom Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and seller of electric hospital beds, manual hospital beds, homecare beds, examination beds, medical trolley, stretcher trolley, hospital accessories, etc.
It has been selling its products in the Korea domestic market for over 10 years. At present, there are more than 500 hospitals that use its products in Korea.
The company has a strong technical capability, advanced equipment, and skilled technical staff for development and innovation. That’s why it has been selling its products in the domestic market for over 10 years, earning a good reputation.

Emergency Cart

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