Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2104E03] KOIBIG Co. is a venture company that develops and manufactures medical devices. This time, it developed a transdermal pain relief electrical stimulation device called Pain Block that treats pain non-surgically without injections or drugs by using advanced neuroscience medical technology that is safe for the human body, and even has acquired intellectual property right.
The Pain Block medical device is a new medical technology that enables patients to recognize pain signals as painless signals by generating soft, yet strong, painless signals that are harmless to the human body when an electrode is attached to the pain point and the device is turned on.
Based on this, KOIBIG obtained approval for the item as a non-invasive pain-free signal therapy with a non-payment code (MZ012) from the MFDS, and is seeking to enter the global market by completing ISO 13485 certification. Last year, it successfully exported the product to Indonesia. Currently, it is targeting China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia and it is conducting exporting and certification through export branching projects.

Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

In Korea, more than 500,000 patients are suffering from cancer pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex site pain syndrome, and neuropathy after shingles. They have difficulty in having normal social activities due to the occasional pain, and they become resistant to drugs from taking painkillers frequently and eventually become unable to control pain.
In particular, about 35% of patients with such pain even feel suicidal thoughts due to insomnia and depression, and their pain levels go up, making them dependent on narcotic analgesics. This causes a lot of side effects, and due to extreme pain, an implantable drug injector is inserted into the body to control the pain. But, the pain index is treated 10 times for two weeks with the Pain Block medical device showed reduced pain level without relying on such surgery or drugs.
KOIBIG’s corporate research center has developed a skincare device using the latest plasma technology and a cooling ultrasound device and will continue to introduce new products.

Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Equipment

KOIBIG’s corporate research center has, through using of advanced plasma technologies, recently developed a skin care device and a cooling ultrasound device, and it will continue to unveil a series of innovative products.
With the acquisition of KC certification for beauty devices, the interest among distribution-related workers and skin-related workers is increasing, and KOIBIG is developing into what is called a “unicorn company.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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