Modular Moving Light Speaker

[INQ. NO. 2104E12] RNS is a digital and living brand that suggests smart life to consumers.
PARTIER, the new product of RNS, combines the functions of a robot, Bluetooth speaker, and stage light. Weighing 1.39kg with dimensions of 287x140x140mm, it provides powerful sound and can be easily carried for any occasion.
PARTIER comes with a robotic joint which points the special LED light in all directions and angles along with a musical beat, very much like how a human arm moves when dancing, filling all kinds of space with fancy and wonderful lights.

Modular Moving Light Speaker

Bluetooth speakers showcases only the sound for the ears, but PARTIER presents a flashy lighting performance with its robotic joint that responds to a musical beat to allow its owners to enjoy the music with their bodies anytime, anywhere.
Partier’s replaceable light module comes in four types, including therapy mood light, flame mood light, starlight and disco ball light. They can be easily replaced and installed to create an atmosphere that the customers want anytime, anywhere.

Modular Moving Light Speaker

Therapy Mood Light helps the customer relax. It can work as a luxurious standing light which presents healing music.
Star Light works by revolving slowly above the children, showcasing shining stars and lullabies to stimulate the children’s imaginations.
Flame Light can produce a romantic atmosphere at the campsite without the risk of starting a fire by replacing the wood fire that generates smoke and ash.
Disco Ball Light can create an excellent atmosphere by producing dynamic club lights and featuring powerful volume.

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