Bowel Movement Acupressure Massager

[INQ. NO. 2106E06] It is very important for us to practice acupressure and massage our bowels, while also keeping our bowels in a warm condition.
With the aim to help people maintain healthy bowels, SHEAN Co., Ltd. recently came to release a bowel movement acupressure massager, which adopts a smart acupressure method, rather than the existing rolling method.
This massager featuring the smart acupressure method is designed to assist people’s efforts to maintain their intestinal health and immunity, and for prevention of adult diseases. This massager utilizing smart acupressure – a system by which acupressure is applied through pressing –facilitates the peristaltic movement of bowels. This product thus not only helps the improvement of blood circulation and promotes abdominal exercise, but also increases people’s overall health condition including toxin discharge, excretion, constipation, menstrual pain, diet, etc. through stimulating the meridians around the abdomen.

Bowel Movement Acupressure Massager

With an acupressure rod suitable for each person, personalized acupressure is available. This massager is a product that enables acupressure to be applied through pressing the essential part that most needs acupressure, rather than just pressing simply.
Moreover, this product supplies thermal steaming and near-infrared light source, ensuring fat reduction effect and skin activation.

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