Vacuum Packaging Machine

[INQ. NO. 2106E08] In an era when minimalist lifestyle moving away from the big family spreads into most lives, the home appliances suitable for houses with one person or two persons are steadily being sought after for their minimal sizes.
SMC recently released kitchenware and household goods suitable for the current home structures with wider bedrooms and smaller kitchens.
With light weight (185g) that causes no burden even for single person households, and compact size ( 40*156mm) that occupies little space even in a narrow kitchen, any user can easily and conveniently use this vacuum packaging machine. The light weight and size is not the only merit that catches the attention of potential customers. Increasingly users are preferring kitchenware made with the emphasis on beautiful appearance, and with its all white color, this vacuum packaging machine fits in perfectly with any kinds of interiors.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

It is difficult for one person to effectively dispose of leftover vegetables, meats and delivery foods. If such kinds of things were vacuum-packaged, the retention period could be extended by up to five times. After just one-time charging, this vacuum packaging machine is available for use in any location including camping sites, expedition destinations, etc. thanks to its wireless function. When wholly vacuumed, the so-called smart power-saving is carried out.
Furthermore, when using this product, the exclusive vacuum pack available two or more times is utilized – without the use of disposable vinyl that causes heavy discharge of waste material − thus contributing to protection of the environment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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