Automatic Body Composition Analysis Solution & Disease Monitoring Solution

[INQ. NO. 2106E18] MEDICAL IP Co., Ltd., specializing in medical AI total solutions, presented a precision health AI medical solution in preparation for the aging society and the era of new infectious diseases at the 36th Korea International Medical Equipment Show (KIMES 2021).
The company has unveiled its latest medical solution line-up, based on medical imaging prediction technology using AI, and is actively promoting its innovative AI technology that enables disease prevention and monitoring utilizing medical imaging data acquired from CT and X-ray.
With AI segmentation and 3D modeling of medical imaging technology and data labeling capacity, based on high-quality medical images acquired from Seoul National University Hospital and abundant anatomy knowledge from a team of experts, MEDICAL IP is further positioning itself as a strong player in the precision health AI industry.
MEDICAL IP has successfully developed numerous medical platforms – including AI medical imaging segmentation solutions, medical 3D printing simulators, medical AR and VR contents – that can be utilized practically in the medical field by continuously upgrading its technology and products.

Automatic Body Composition Analysis Solution & Disease Monitoring Solution

MEDICAL IP has also been in the spotlight lately as it has unveiled a series of innovative new products – including “DeepCatch,” automatic body composition analysis software utilizing AI and “TiSepX,” a disease quantification and monitoring solution utilizing X-ray.
MEDICAL IP was the third company within the medical imaging segmentation and modeling sector to acquire U.S. FDA approval for its flagship product, “MEDIP PRO.” It is an AI-based medical imaging segmentation software product with verified competitiveness and technology of global standard as it has received authorization by both Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and Europe’s CE marking.
The product not only enables users to examine organs and lesions more accurately in the body by converting medical images acquired by CT and MRI into 3D modeling, but also maximizes analytic efficiency by segmenting each area in a swift and accurate way utilizing AI technology. Based on such technologies, MEDICAL IP aims to diversify its product line-up going forward by targeting numerous illnesses.

Automatic Body Composition Analysis Solution & Disease Monitoring Solution

Among these, “DeepCatch,” launched late last year to specialize in the research of cancer, obesity, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome and other illnesses of the aged, has been adopted by major university hospitals in Korea and international cancer research institutes. It is thus leading to an increase in demand within the sector of CT-based body composition research.
This is because body composition research, which is closely related to medical prognoses and fatality rates, is becoming the subject of active research in many countries around the world, especially amid an urgent need to prepare for responses against illnesses of the aged and chronic metabolic disorders due to the aging population.
CT data is uploaded, “DeepCatch” immediately analyzes body composition with 97% accuracy – including skin, bone, muscle, abdominal visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, internal organs, central nervous system – and delivers an automatic analysis report on the volume and area of muscle and fat, abdominal circumference, and body fat percentage.
This is an innovative solution that MEDICAL IP developed by applying AI medical imaging automatic segmentation technology to “body composition” to contribute to the prevention and research of metabolic disorders globally.
In addition, MEDICAL IP unveiled its AI platform “TiSepX,” which utilizes X-ray imaging that is most widely used in medical radiology to predict and quantify lung disorders, which also enables the monitoring of treatment efficacy and improvement trends.
“TiSepX” is a product that has been designed to collect 3D information on the degree of lung damage delivered from 2D X-ray utilizing AI deep learning. Last year, MEDICAL IP provided its “TiSepX COVID19,” a platform that quantifies COVID-19, free of charge to contribute to combating the pandemic, as almost all countries suffered from shortages of medical resources.

Automatic Body Composition Analysis Solution & Disease Monitoring Solution

At KIMES 2021, MEDICAL IP unveiled “TiSepX TB,” a device that not only categorizes active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and latent or inactive TB patients by utilizing AI-based X-ray disease prediction technology, but also identifies the TB activity index to enable the visualization of treatment efficacy.
“TiSepX TB” quantifies the area of the lung that has been damaged by pulmonary TB, enabling easy monitoring of therapeutic treatment efficacy and activity index. Compared to existing AI products that simply diagnose and identify TB infection, the product provides the world’s only solution to monitor the treatment efficacy and the disease even after full recovery by utilizing statistical data for active and inactive TB.
Therefore, it is expected to be widely used for tuberculosis patients whose treatment progress cannot be monitored easily with the naked eye. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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