Smart IoT Cushion (BackKeeper)

[INQ. NO. 2106E17] Healthcare company HCLAB recently released its advanced smart IoT cushion called “BackKeeper” designed to help the user’s restoration of correct postural habits by providing such useful information through vibration alerts, as posture habits data, customized stretching contents, etc.
BackKeeper, with its built-in sensor manufactured to sense the status of posture, accurately monitors the posture of the user, and then it provides the vibration feedback about the user’s bad posture.
Moreover, the BackKeeper application not only shows the user’s bad posture habits through statistics data on posture, but also supplies the customized stretching contents depending on the status of the user’s posture.

Smart IoT Cushion (BackKeeper)

BackKeeper, through such features, allows the users to maintain their will to form the correct habits for good posture and enables the user’s self-care – noticeable points that differentiate it from other products.

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