Automotive Wires & Industrial Cables

[INQ. NO. 2107E03] Kyungshin Cable, which is a leading company in the Korean automotive cable market, provides various types of wires and cables that meet customers’ needs.
Kyungshin Cable can supply automotive cables for wiring harness systems in compliance with the standards of various global automakers and customized lightweight cables for future cars, high voltage cables and charging cables for eco-friendly vehicles, and ethernet high-speed data communication cables based upon state-of-art technology and quality.
Customers can also be supplied with industrial products ranging from electric lines supplying power to housing, building and plants to cables applied to facilities and equipment keeping pace with changing environment in various industrial sectors.

Kyungshin Cable acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 that are systematically certified by DNV in the early 2000s, and additionally obtained several product authentications such as UL, CE and CSA certificates, and has continued updating them.
And in order to offer and supply various products to its global customers, Kyungshin Cable has established overseas affiliates for wire and cable in Durango, Mexico, and in Qingdao and Changzhou, China, besides its main manufacturing plant in Cheonan, South Korea. Therefore, Kyungshin Cable can deliver cables to its prestigious customers at reasonable prices while constantly keeping up with delivery schedules.

In recent years, Kyungshin Cable has contracted with several new clients to expand its wire and cable business overseas through various marketing activities. For instance, on June 23, 2021, the overseas sales team took Prettl Group executives on a guided tour of the Cheonan plant for the purpose of promoting its new production line of sensor cables and discussing supply of the products. Kyungshin Cable is clearly becoming a more prominent player in the global market.
Automotive cables manufactured in the plants worldwide include ES/ISO/JASO/SAE wires, aluminum cables, high voltage cables and specialty cables such as sensor cables, ethernet cables, coaxial cables and heating cables, etc.
Its industrial cables include appliance cords for internal wiring of electric devices and electronics meeting UL/CSA standards, factory automation cables, elevator cables, renewable energy cables, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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