Empowering Clients to Harness the Power of Data Management


[INQ. NO. 2107E10] I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., the most representative CMS provider in Korea, is now heading towards the new goal of widening the range of its verticals and providing right solutions to clients in various industries.

We interviewed the CEO of the company for an overall introduction of the company, and to discover the secrets of its current and potential growth.

Please tell us briefly about your company
I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. is a Seoul-based software company established in 1999. We started as a CMS(Content Management System) company with strong core technology, unstructured data management and now have become the industry leader in the far-east Asian region. – taking the leading market share in both Korea and Japan.
For 22 years, we have developed and provided data management solutions to more than 1,600 domestic and overseas clients in various fields.
Notably, we have recently been expanding our verticals into many different business sectors, including digital experience, electronic signature, sports video sharing platforms, and energy data management.

Empowering Clients to Harness the Power of Data Management

What types of major exports items lead your current growth?
Our current representative CMS titled ICS is taking the leading market share in both Korea and Japan. ICS is the integrative result of the both unstructured data management technology and the experience and know-how accumulated over the past 22 years.
Recently, we are happily witnessing abrupt market demand for our advanced customers’ digital experience management platform (DXP) called ICE. These two key solutions have been driving our business growth for the past five years, and now we are preparing for the post-pandemic market focusing on electronic signature and sports tech solutions.
We would like to continue closely communicating with our clients as we have been doing thus far, so that we can supply optimal solutions to clients rather than simply the most advanced solutions – in order to help resolve the problems that our clients are now facing. Thus, we will further strive to achieve our goal to deliver what is called Digital Transformation to our domestic and overseas clients, bringing Digital to their lives.

I-ON Communications

Do you have any global business strategies in the COVID-19 Era?
Overseas business has been slowed down across various industries recently due to the impact of the COVID-19. We are striving to overcome the difficult pandemic situation equipped with a wide spectrum of our portfolio covering electronic signature solutions, and digital experience platforms for e-Commerce which are growing exponentially in market size.
In addition, although overseas business trips have faced barriers for the past year, we are spurring overseas business expansion again by meeting overseas partners and clients in person through starting our participation in MWC Barcelona 2021 – the World’s largest IT event – in June.

I-ON Communications

What is your business philosophy and how do you keep your employees passionate about I-ON?
In my management approach, from the start, I made it a top-priority that all of our members could be happy while they are working here. So, I’ve been endeavoring to create an environment in which our staffs could freely enjoy various employee benefits even in working time. I think that if our staffs are truly satisfied during their working hours, the productivity and efficiency of the members in their own tasks will naturally increase and their trust and loyalty to I-ON will ensure the company’s sustainable growth.

I-ON Communications

Do you have any goal that excites you?
I sincerely and strongly hope that our company grows into one of the global top-100 software companies in the near future. Although there is a long distance to go, I believe the satisfactory of our members will guide us towards our goals.

I-ON Communications

Lastly, do you have any messages that you would like to deliver to your current and potential business partners?
We offer trust to our partners and clients with our motto “Software, Beyond Expectations!” Through this opportunity, we would like to explore opportunities to deliver our reliability to potential partners and clients around the globe. And as we have done so far, we will ceaselessly seek our business partners’ sustainable growth, even greater than our own growth – with respect and full supports to partners. Thank you all!

I-ON Communications

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