Mobile X-ray Fluoroscopy Screening Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2108E01] ”OSCAR 15” is mobile X-ray fluoroscopy screening equipment that is optimized for surgical environments. Ever since its launch, its competitiveness has been proven in the global C-ARM market.
Equipped with a rotating anode tube with 15kW-level X-ray generator and 26cm x 26cm CMOS flat panel detector, it enables users to acquire high-quality resolution images even with low dosage.
Its de-noising function makes it possible to deliver optimized imaging quality, while its numerous pulsed X-ray modes significantly lower the risks of radiation among patients and users by minimizing the amount of radiation exposure.

Mobile X-ray Fluoroscopy Screening Equipment

Utilizing Genoray’s image chain technology, which integrates the company’s innovative technology and numerous years of know-how, the product provides optimized high-quality medical imaging with minimum radiation exposure, incorporating numerous tailored functions including clinical application, surgical, patient, area and mode.
Director Oh Han-chang of Genoray’s U.S. branch explains, “OSCAR 15 is being highly praised for its cost-effectiveness and outstanding imaging quality by many mid- to large-sized hospitals within the United States, which has the world’s largest X-ray medical device market. As a result, Genoray is being acknowledged for the quality and value of its C-ARM products, achieving the success of supplying them to U.S. state hospitals.”

Mobile X-ray Fluoroscopy Screening Equipment

Moreover, the product-competitiveness of “OSCAR 15” has once again proven for its high-quality images compared to similar imported equipment through clinical trials conducted by Seoul National University Hospital, and will further be sold to mid- to large-sized hospitals, and other advanced countries. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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