3D Printing Direct Aligner Material


[INQ. NO. 2108E03] Graphy Inc. overcame its challenges to develop and manufacture photopolymer materials for dental usage, thereby gaining recognition from numerous consumers for its technology.
Graphy developed and is selling nontoxic, hypo-allergenic and biocompatibility materials with excellent material properties such as high-strength, high-heat resistance, high precision; and supplies photopolymer resins for dental use, such as the world’s-first 3D printing clear aligner, flexible dentures, as well as permanent prosthetics, denture base, model and surgical guide resins.

Direct Aligner (TC-85DAC)
The world’s first 3D printing direct aligner material (i.e. TC-85DAC) introduced by Graphy is an innovative material that breaks the stereotype of clear aligners thus far available, and expands the horizons of digital dentistry.
It is a material that can optimize customizing for each patient and controls each step, through various thicknesses printouts from the minimum size of 0.3mm according to the treatment plan and maximizes the advantages of 3D printing.

3D Printing Direct Aligner Material

The shape memory function allows patient to feel flexible and comfortable fit when wearing the aligner and the movement of the teeth can be effectively controlled after wearing.
Model printing is not necessary compared to the manufacturing method of the existing clear aligners, and since manual work such as thermoforming, cutting and finishing are not required, there is almost no manufacturing error that can occur during the manufacturing process, while manufacturing time and costs can also be reduced.
As the world’s first clear aligner material, it can be printed with a 3D printer. Direct aligner has no shape limitation for fabrication with optimized 3D design.
It is possible to adjust and design the form and the thickness of each tooth in order to make the optimal orthodontic force by a designated orthodontics’ plan.

3D Printing Direct Aligner Material

On the other hand, the current method of making a clear aligner such as vacuum forming has no way to adjust the form and thickness of each tooth.
Graphy’s direct 3D printed clear aligner can overcome the limitations of existing clear aligners by designing combined and optimized form and thickness for making ideal and effective tooth movement and rotation.
Compared to the thermoforming clear aligner, which is difficult to make contact with detailed and complex surfaces, this direct aligner ensures better treatment effects due to the perfect contact surface between teeth and aligner which is 3D printed and designed from 3D scan data.
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