Smart Healthcare Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2108E10] SEMISOLUTION Inc. is an IT-based venture company that has continued to develop and challenge itself by diversifying businesses to the extent of the smart device sector thanks to its on-demand system semiconductor business growth.
SEMISOLUTION is pursuing new converged business models with other industries, working together with some of Korea’s top-notch medical institutions as for the smart healthcare sector and establishing various smart healthcare IoT device lineups.

Smart IoT Car Air Purifier (CHANUN-AIR)
Car air purifier CHANUN-AIR manufactured by SEMISOLUTION that presents smart healthcare life is equipped with three powerful fan motors to immediately eliminate fine-dust particles(PH10)/ultrafine particles(PH2.5) and with dual sterilization systems of powerful UV-C and UV-A to swiftly kill not only bacteria, but also COVID-19 and H1Ni viruses in the air.
You’re able to easily use this purifier by simply setting the clean air mode, checking the ambient air condition and operating the filter usage through a smartphone with an CHANUN-AIR mobile app.

Smart IoT Car Air Purifier (CHANUN-AIR)

Wearable Healthcare Device (SMART INSOLE)
Thanks to the signal-processing technology of the built-in sensors, SMART INSOLE is a differentiated wearable healthcare device solution to help users lead healthy lifestyles by providing walking/running analysis service, and analyzing daily behaviors and postures after looking into their walking patterns and assessing their activity levels – through SMART INSOLE mobile app.

Wearable Healthcare Device (SMART INSOLE) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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