Portable UV Sterilizer


[INQ. NO. 2108E26] NEOST, which is a brand of Korea Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. and has the meaning of ‘New’ and ‘Best,’ is a power-bank-embedded portable UV sterilizer that can simply complete its germicidal job within three minutes anytime and anywhere. To break the perception that sterilizers should be used only indoors due to their sizes and volumes, our sterilizer is made portable as it is manufactured slim and light in size.
As the product is tripod-shaped, any types of objects placed within the range of the tripod can be sterilized. And, it is also possible to widen the sterilization scope by extending the legs of the tripod. Anyone can easily and simply use the sterilizer as it starts working and automatically stops three minutes after the sterilization.
All that the user has to do is to place an object within the tripod and press the power button on top for sterilization. In addition, it can be used as a cradle and a camera tripod by attaching the head cap.

Portable UV Sterilizer

With three UV-C germicidal lamps grafted onto each of the legs, the sterilizer has enhanced germicidal power. Moreover, test results conducted by the nation’s official test certification organizations including Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) and Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) show that it is capable of 99.9-percent sterilization.
The product is embedded with a large-sized power bank of 4,800mAh to be used for a long time. When fully charged, it could be used outdoors for at least 50 times. If necessary, it can also be used as a secondary battery to charge smartphones. The charging efficiency has been improved thanks to the company’s self-developed technology that enables fast charging. The company presents to customers its four-in-one product equipped with a sterilizer, a cradle, a tripod and a power bank.

Portable UV Sterilizer

Korea Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. continues to develop itself into and make challenges to become a respected global company with its own convergence technologies with electronics and machines and mechanism-based smart devices.

Portable UV Sterilizer

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