E-Beam Welded Shunt Resistors


[INQ. NO. 2109E08] HCS and MCS series products manufactured by SMART Electronics Inc. are metal plate-structured current-detecting resistors used to accurately measure current so as to manage the electric power of electronic devices.
Such resistors are very accurate and outstanding in terms of their resistance range (T.C.R << ±100ppm) following changes in resistivity (within ±1% tolerance) and temperature.
The current level measured by the resistors varies from some miliamperes (mA) to hundreds of amperes (A). And they come not only in bar and SMD (Surface Mount Device) types but also in customized types according to customers’ requests. They can be applied to vehicle IBS, BMS, motor controls, inverters/converters, ESS (Energy storage system), and so forth, and have obtained AEC-Q200 and IATF 16949-2016 certifications.
Resistors are used in batteries for electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric golf carts, electric shopping carts, electric vehicles, hybrid cars and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

E-Beam Welded Shunt Resistors

They have been applied to batteries used by renowned foreign automobile makers including Audi, Toyota and Porsche for many years.
General chips or SMD-type shunts are used for small and medium-sized devices, while bar type resistors are used for large-sized devices. Shunt resistors are mostly used for sensing and controlling devices. And high-current and super-precision products prefer EBW shunt resistors.

E-Beam Welded Shunt Resistors

As for the welding of such resistors, oxidation is prevented thanks to the welding in a vacuum state that utilizes core technology (type that welds hetero/different materials by using electron beams). In addition, the size of welding beads (less than 1mm) and metallurgic deformation can be minimized thanks to the high-density energy (100KW/mm2) welding, and different types of metals can be welded as well.
In 2018, SMART Electronics was recognized for its technology after winning the patented-technology prize of Chungmugong for its patent (No. 1649079) on “a method of manufacturing a current-measuring device.”

E-Beam Welded Shunt Resistors

SMART Electronics, as a leading company in Korea, was spun off from Sungyosa Co., Ltd. in April 1995 and has been supplying resistors, OVP and OCP products to major electronics manufactures and their affiliates including LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, LG ES, LG Innotek, Tyco, etc. SMART Electronics specializes in producing P/S parts and is aiming to become a global leader by continuously development high value-added products, and carrying out active marketing efforts.
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