Carbon Heating Film

[INQ. NO. 2109E17] This is a heating product that combines one or more copper bars connected to form electrodes on a carbon heating unit coated with a carbon heating element coated on an insulator film, and a heating unit connected to the upper and lower surfaces of the carbon heating unit by an insulating film or a protective film for smooth current flow of the heating portion.
HEAT PLUS heating film is high-tech equipment that enables precise printing to minimize temperature deviation. It is made of silver electrode on copper foil and carbon heating element, and is produced with optimal laminating method that does not generate sparks. It is the best heating film in Korea with excellent safety that meets global safety standards.
HEAT PLUS all coated film, made of PET, which is insulative, flame retardant and waterproof, is a surface heating element that applies carbon to the shrink base film. After stiffness and adiabatic effect, and the electrode is formed by copper foil after peeling activated carbon which is the pollutant adsorbent. The carbon heating element and the silver electrode are made by precision printing technology less than 10 microns in process and heat treatment process at high temperature over 150 degrees C and can be used semi-permanently by materializing laminating method to improve moisture resistance of the product.

Carbon Heating Film

Brand value and reputation is not easily achieved within a short time. Based on its know-how and experience, Seggi Century Co., Ltd. is always aiming to be the best, with thorough quality management, advanced technical skills, and a customer-first spirit that ensures gaining customers’ trust. HEAT PLUS is being actively exported to more than 20 countries including China, thanks to recognition of its excellent quality and outstanding performance.

Carbon Heating Film

Above all, it achieved recognition in Japan, which is always very particular about quality and performance, and succeeded in export for the first time in the domestic all-coated film industry.

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