Indoor Vertical Farm & LED Growing Light

[INQ. NO. 2109E13] A vertical farm (plant factory) is a multi-staged indoor hydroponic system to grow plants all the year round regardless of weather conditions by controlling and monitoring temperature, humidity, light, air flow, nutrition, CO2, etc., at the site or from a distance.
Through this, harmful elements against plant cultivation such as global warming, climate changes, fine dust and others can be eliminated and difficulties arising from the aging population in the farming areas and facing the agricultural sector can be addressed as well.
It is future-oriented agricultural technology used to cultivate predictable and stable crops, and provide safe plants without agricultural chemicals to customers.
Futuregreen Co., Ltd. has its own core technologies related to vertical-farming systems, and is able to provide customized solutions. Through the experience it has built up in running its own vertical farms for eight years since 2011, the company has developed technologies related to a Korean-type plant factory for mass production.
The features of a Korean-type plant factory for mass production come from the know-how it developed on cultivating a broad range of agricultural products in one plant factory.

Indoor Vertical Farm & LED Growing Light

In particular, the company has become the first to obtain a certificate on UL light fixtures used to grow plants by applying LED technologies providing lighting similar to sunlight for plant cultivation, and carried out projects at home and abroad including Canada, Mongolia, Japan, the USA and the UAE.
While its rivals are merely talking about the possibility of mass-production or business feasibility of their plant factories, Futuregreen is not only able to meet such needs but also able to respond to various needs of customers by differentiating technologies of growing more tasty and better-looking vegetables.

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