Wearable Air Purifier Mask


[INQ. NO. 2109E15] Wearable air purifier mask where silicon is applied through ergonomic design can fit close to the face perfectly and block external contaminants completely. Also, equipped with a high-performance fan motor (18600rpm), it supplies air constantly to solve problems caused by sweat, moisture, and fogging on the glasses while wearing the mask.
Existing fine dust masks are produced using electrostatic filters, but they are very vulnerable to the moisture from breathing, so their service life is too short. This product supplements the weaknesses of existing electrostatic filters, as it can remove fine dusts with clearance ratio and integrates the air injection system with the mask itself.
Also, most of the masks on the market use several layers of felt filter, but this product is equipped with a bending-type HEPA filter (class H13) that is used in air purifiers. Class H13 can remove 0.3 micrometer particles up to 99.979%.
For existing masks, even if they use an HEPA filter, the power of the fan motor is unable to suck the air into the filter. However, this product uses high performance fan motor, and sucks external air easily into the HEPA filter. Therefore, the user can breathe easily, and it solves the problem of difficult breathing that you can usually experience when you wear a regular mask.

Wearable Air Purifier Mask

The wearable air purifier mask (AIRPROM) can be used sustainably with a filter replacement only, which is more economical than disposable masks. In addition, it allows stable wearing with a head band covering the entire face and conforms perfectly to any shape of face with the additional mask adjustment function.
It can be used for outdoor activities (outdoor exercise, such as cycling and running) in heavy fine dusts or yellow dusts, indoor & outdoor construction sites, or for outdoor workers (traffic policemen, environmental hygienist, etc.), working in dust-dominated environments (woodwork, sewing, metal work, indoor interior, cement work, etc.).
DAEHYUNENTEC Co., Ltd. possesses certifications including CE of Europe, FCC of the USA, IC of Canada, FDA of the USA, and KC in Korea.

Wearable Air Purifier Mask

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