Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester


[INQ. NO. 2109E23] Dong Yang EEC Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has concentrated on developing the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) line protection switch, beginning with inspection of the KEPCO distribution line protector.
As a result, Dong Yang EEC has become one of a few companies in Korea to have developed eco-friendly products such as epoxy insulated load break switch (pad mounted), polymer lightning arrester with lead wire and eco-friendly pole mounted switch as well as pad mounted SF6 gas insulated load break switch, pole mounted load break switch and automatic sectionalizing switch.
In addition, by establishing the R&D center, Dong Yang EEC ceaselessly strives to implement strategic policy and achieve quality system assurance.

Eco Load Break Switch (LBS)
This was designed to improve the defects in the SF6 gas insulated Load Break Switch and to enhance electric power distribution lines. Eco LBS encapsulated with cycloaliphatic epoxy material, is designed to be an explosion-free product, unlike SF6 gas insulated LBS with low gas pressure condition.
Eco LBS pursues not only the protection of the environment but also overcomes its fatal disadvantages. Eco LBS uses a Vacuum Interrupter and enhanced its switching capability, as well as, eliminates any explosion possibility by adopting the solid dielectric method. In addition, it provides maintenance free from periodic gas leaks and gas refilling tests.

Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester

Polymeric Housing Surge Arrester
This is a kind of overvoltage limitation. When overvoltage occurs, the voltage between two terminals of the surge arrester does not exceed the designated value, thus ensuring that the electric apparatus avoids damage caused by overvoltage, and thus enables the system to return to normal condition rapidly.
Dong Yang EEC’s Polymeric housing surge arrester is a gapless-type that uses ZnO element with excellent non-linear resistance coefficient characteristic.

Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester

With the ZnO element, the operation characteristics for multiple lightning and multiple surge, and anti-pollution features have been significantly improved. In addition, operating duty is available under a large current corresponding to discharge withstand current rating.

Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester
Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester

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