Screen Protectors

Anti-Blue-Light Screen Protector
[INQ. NO. 2110E09] Blue light literally means blue-colored light that exists in a wavelength ranging from 380nm to 500nm. When your eyes are exposed to it for a long time, you might suffer from eye fatigue, retinal damage, and insomnia.
Waryong’s anti-blue-light technology is able to block blue light up to 95.8%, thus reducing eye fatigue and headache that can be developed when using a computer for a long time while improving quality of sleep.
In addition, the technology minimizes the resolution degradation so as to present undistorted clear images and vivid colors.

Privacy Screen Protector
The company’s privacy filter/film that is equipped with the micro-louver technology in which hundreds of blind films work as curtains to adjust viewing angles and is made by using LG-manufactured authentic fabric shows the screen clearly right in the front while protecting the privacy on the side as the screen gradually gets blurred and becomes dark in the end if the angle is over 30 degrees.

Screen Protectors

Waryong Trading’s anti-blue-light screen filter/film and privacy filter/film come in two types: hanger and film. The hanger type is easy to attach and detach and the film type is glazed on one side and non-glazed on the other, both of which can be used.
You can have any of the types attached onto your laptop computer and freely move whether it is opened or closed. The size of all products ranges from 8.9 inches to 32 inches. As for anti-blue-light screen filter, it can cover a 75-inch TV.

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