Personal Smart Urine Analyzer

[INQ. NO. 2110E17] Braintech’s Licote® is a personal smart urine analyzer that is composed of Licote® analyzer and Licote® application.
By harmonization of the analyzer and the application, it is able to read color changes of various chemical components in urine and to analyze the color changes for detection of adult diseases such as kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, liver diseases, etc.
Licote® is a multi-purpose smart personal urine analyzer for the whole family to use, and it is also available for testing pets’ health, water quality, active oxygen, UTI, etc.
In addition, when telemedicine systems become popular, Licote® could be the best medical device for a patient’s health checkup at home. This is because performing a self-urinalysis test with this medical device at home allows one to get medical counseling from medical doctors through the telemedicine systems.
Licote® was certified by CE and approved by KFDA in 2020 and 2021, respectively.
The personal smart urine analyzer’s key features include urine analysis test by urine analyzer and smartphone application; analyzing color data and displaying/saving a test result; data communication by Bluetooth 4.0; washable by IP68 grade; and USB C-type charging.
Obtaining quick, accurate and reliable urinalysis tests from the easy-to-use urine analyzer is ensured.
Licote® application is smart and key to analyzing color changes, and it is able to save more than 30,000 test results.
One Licote® for multi-users and multi-tests such as on humans, pets, water quality, UTI, active oxygen, etc. is available. Cleaning urine contaminants is easy thanks to waterproof IP68 grade.
Braintech has been popular with many customers for a long period of time due to its reliability and customer satisfaction based on its Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) business, production technology, and extensive experience in QC.

Personal Smart Urine Analyzer

Planning to Participate in 2021 GITEX
Braintech Co.,Ltd. plans to unveil its advanced products at the upcoming 2021 GITEX, scheduled to be held in Dubai from October 17 to 21. It strongly expects potential buyers and attendees to visit its booth (DS-8 in Sheik Rashid Hall at the World Trade Center), expecting them to have productive meetings.
“Every employee of Braintech will strive to develop the company into a leading green company by thinking and acting from the perspectives of customers to serve them best,” noted the CEO of the company.

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