High-end Sushi & Gimbap Machines


[INQ. NO. 2111E04] Lucky Eng Co.,Ltd. puts a lot of efforts into achieving its goal of developing high-quality sushi- and gimbap-making machines.
Based on its accumulated skills and experience, the company is highly specialized in manufacturing and distributing sushi machines, gimbap machines, rice dispensers, rice ball machines and packaging machines.

High-quality sushi machine + Sushi arrangement system [LSR-370 A/B/C + SAS]
This machine automatically transfers and arranges sushi rice that have been molded from a high-quality sushi machine.

igh-quality sushi machine + Sushi arrangement system [LSR-370 A/B/C + SAS]

High-quality sushi machine [LSR-370]
The LSR-370 makes high-quality sushi in the same way that a sushi chef squeezes rice lightly until it is shaped like a rectangle.
In other words, since the machine does not cut a single grain of rice, the rice retains its original form. The LSR-370 is the world’s first sushi machine which can control 7g of sushi while also maintaining a consistent shape.

High-quality sushi machine [LSR-370]

High-quality gimbap/California roll machine: [LCR-700 (Sheet Type/ Roll Type)]
The LCR-700 is the ideal model for people who want to make high-quality sushi roll/gimbap.
You can minutely control the compressive strength and density of the rice with the newest, color, and touch LCD monitor.

High-quality gimbap/California roll machine: [LCR-700 (Sheet Type/ Roll Type)]

High-quality gimbap roll cutter [LCC-105]
The LCC-105 can cut rolls simply by putting rolls on the cutter table without moving the cutting blades.

Lucky Eng is a growing company that satisfies customers by developing innovative ways to increase the quality of its products and differentiate them from its competitors also in the global market, and supplying quality products at low prices.
In addition, Lucky Eng manufactures machines for making sushi, gimbap and rice dispensers that produce and provide high-quality gimbap, sushi and rolls not only to famous hotels, but also to major retail outlets like E-mart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus. It also supplies Samsung Electronics, and SK Hynix, as well as various franchises, and the company has been recognized for its competitiveness in terms of quality and price.

High-quality gimbap roll cutter [LCC-105]

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