IoT Modules

[INQ. NO. 2111E07] Ari Infotech Co., Ltd. provides real-time production information systems to efficiently manage production in domestic and overseas sewing factories that produce clothing, shoes and bags.
Until now, due to various and complicated operation processes, it was not easy to collect operation information in a sewing factory. However, the problem has been addressed through ARI-AM, an IoT module, which is attached onto a sewing machine to get real-time data.
ARI-COM, an IoT module was developed to recognize the location of the sewing machine in the factory to solve the problem of changing the location of the sewing machine according to the type of product produced. ARI-COM is installed on the production line to detect the movement of the product, collect data from the production line through line communication and send it to the server.
ARI-AM and ARI-COM are attachable modules that are compatible with sewing machines of various brands and are very affordable.

IoT Modules

In addition to the work information collection sensor using the patented needle stand, additional sensors that detect pulley rotation and collect work information can be developed and attached to all types of sewing machines to collect work information.
Ari Infotech’s production information system is a basic function of automatically collecting and automatically analyzing work data.
In order to identify the workload of various sewing machines, sewing machines with cutting functions provide cutting signal data using a cutting sensor, and also provide learning functions that enable more precise analysis by entering the operator’s first process using ARI-AM buttons.

IoT Modules
IoT Modules

Data is collected and analyzed automatically, data is acquired from the cutting signal, and data is counted using the teaching function. Using graphs and tables, various forms of information beams are processed and provided to managers.
A pattern sewing process control function is developed to support easy use of pattern sewing.
Through easy jig production and easy jig replacement, the work change time has been drastically reduced, and design files, mechanical sewing files, and jig production files can be systematically managed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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