Integrated Smart Management System

[INQ. NO. 2111E16] PLUXITY provides SMART project managers with an advanced “Digital Twins” solution in a unique position compared to other solutions ‒ as its self-developed and PLUXITYB based engine, tailored services and maintenance have been further optimized for any smart projects.
Smart management systems are typically designed to integrate various IoT devices (CCTV and sensors such as access, fire alarming, temperature, and lighting) and combine them into 3D spatial mapping. The biggest benefit is that anyone can monitor intuitively on a 3D map and see what is happening at specific points in the building. Operators can intuitively recognize real-time communication and security status and quickly identify details and ratings in the event. Also, the platform can provide simple frequency, average for further decision-making, as it is automated to collect real-time data of each system through API of the middleware and visualize them on 3D maps.

Integrated Smart Management System

Since the pre-COVID era, this solution has been deployed in a number of government facilities and the private sector in Korea, which is seen as a positive mechanism through which national or private management were able to successfully reduce the subsequent risks to the minimum. Throughout the pandemic, PLUXITY now appreciates the benefit of its technology more than in the past. PLUXITY is now proud to introduce the company’s strengths and share PLUXITY’s specialties and know-how with other professionals in the market.

Integrated Smart Management System

PLUXITY’s Self-Developed and PLUXITYB based Engine
PLUXITY’s highlight would be its self-developed engine based on PLUXITYB GL, which is optimized for digital twin in case of further modification or changes ‒ whereas other existing 3D engines are mostly focused on data storage purposes. PLUXITY’s solution is optimized to manage data with flexibility in a timely and economical manner; for example three seconds for loading. Remote accessibility is possible from PLUXITYB.

PLUXITY’s Tailored-made Solution
Customized solution tailored to the needs of each business and solid experience and know-how with multiple references in Korea, known as a tech-advanced country (National projects; Incheon Airport, railway, metro, city municipals partnering with government, global players like Samsung, LG, Hanwha, and SK Telecom).

Integrated Smart Management System

PLUXITY’s Periodical Maintenance
PLUXITY’s services can be maintained by each administrator on an admin page. In addition, periodic maintenance and upgrading services can be further offered in case any changes or modification might need to be readdressed or made.
The abovementioned unique features and ideal services show why PLUXITY can ultimately help any business to make accurate predictions, minimize potential risks, and eventually to ultimately achieve a goal of cost effectivenes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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