Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device


[INQ. NO. 2111E14] KORUST Co., Ltd. is a medical aesthetic device manufacturer in Korea, specializing in ultrasound technology.
UTIMS MINI is a compact-sized portable HIFU lifting device, which is convenient to carry. This device contains all of the technologies and advantages of the UTIMS A3 PLUS in the HIFU device of this company, and provides customers great satisfaction with performance as good as the UTIMS A3 PLUS.
Functional control is available using the online application, and remote-control A/S services are also available through that application. As many as 85-90% of software problems occurring during the use of the device are resolved efficiently through the Remote-Control System of the company.
UTIMS MINI spreads thermal energy evenly by applying the CENTERLESS technique that is KORUST’s own technology to significantly reduce the pain from HIFU operations.

Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device

In particular, KORUST’s own 1.5mm operation allows for a safer and more effective procedure for improving wrinkles around the eyes using 10MHz frequency.

Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device

Also, KORUST possesses common version and narrow version cartridges, and KORUST’s own narrow version cartridge allows more convenient and safe procedures in narrow skin areas including eye rims.

Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device

UTIMS MINI has been popular mainly in Asian countries where small spas and clinics line the streets, while it is starting to gain quite a lot of popularity recently in various countries, including Europe.

Portable HIFU Face Lifting Device

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