Wireless Button Camera Tracking System


for Video Conferencing

[INQ. NO. 2111E13] 1oT Corporation is a company that manufactures all-in-one video & sound movable packages that can be used in various ways as an ‘untact’ video conferencing room, as an online relay system, as a high-quality video conference, or as a multi-screen OBS, and so forth.
Incorporating everything such as a camera tracking system, wireless microphones, all-in-one speaker mixers, etc., needed for video conferences, 1oT is a professional provider that can immediately make an estimate for and install all-weather ‘untact’ device solutions.
As for D1000 Two Cam Pack, the number of cameras varies from one to four, and screens can be combined and displayed at the same time. When the talker presses the wireless RF button, one screen is automatically illuminated with the speaker enlarged. When the speaker presses the middle button again, all full zoom-out shots taken by 2~4 cameras are displayed as one combined shot to deliver each and every single person in the room to the other parties, realizing a full shot with no blind areas.

Wireless Button Camera Tracking System

Mic1000 is a small-sized product equipped with a floor-type speaker mixer and a USB converter, which can significantly resolve sound issues including howling noises right away while having an ‘untact’ video conference through Zoom and other systems, just by placing the equipment on the floor and inserting the connected USB to a laptop computer.
In addition, Conference Pack 1 Cam solves the issue arising from not having a proper space to mount a camera in a video conference room by simply placing the camera onto the main equipment and speaker, while its high-glossy case will help to make the video conference room look more sophisticated.

Wireless Button Camera Tracking System

As every person in a conference room can be traced by simply pressing the camera tracking RF button, you can set up a conference room with the optimal camera tracking system. Even if there is a drawback that people in the very front left and right seats would fall into blind areas when taking a full shot, the issue could be resolved by upgrading it to ‘2Cam Pack’ anytime.

Wireless Button Camera Tracking System

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